Nonna Mozz (Smoked Mozzarella) Cheese

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

This cheese came from Cheese Brothers Inc,, straight out of Wisconsin.

The boring stuff

Even though it is christmas time, the cheese shipped in only three days, which was nice. I had selected a pack of 8 cheeses called "The Brotherhood Pack" which enabled me to get free "ASAP" shipping. They used UPS as the delivery service. It costed about $8.87 for each cheese in the pack. You can also purchase it buy itself for $6.95.

The Cheese

The Website Description

Smoldering with passion, Nonna Mozz weaves murky tales of times long past to any gathering. Made the old-fashioned way in our Wisconsin packhouse, this naturally smoked mozzarella cheese is worthy of Nonna's name. Use it to deepen and expand the flavor of pizzas or serve on its own with smoked meats.

Net weight: 6 oz. Origin: Stanley, Wisconsin Age: 2 - 12 months Flavor: Naturally smoked, rich, smooth Best with: Panini and sandwiches, pizza, meat and cheese plates

What I think

This wasn't my favorite cheese ever, but it wasn't bad. It had a nice smokey smell while also retain that nice fresh mozzarella taste. I would like to add, this cheese tastes great when added to other stuff, like sandwiches, or putting it on crackers. It doesn't go very well on it's own though.

My Rating

This wasn't bad. I do have a preference for smoked cheese, which definitely swayed my rating a bit. I did like the smell nice smokey smell and smooth texture, which were both bonuses. Taking into consideration that the cheese is only good on other food items, and not so much by itself, that edged my rating down a bit.

My Rating is.....

6.5 out of 10!

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