Bantam (Honey Sriracha Gouda) Cheese

This cheese came from Cheese Brothers Inc,, straight out of Wisconsin.

The boring stuff

Even though it is christmas time, the cheese shipped in only three days, which was nice. I had selected a pack of 8 cheeses called "The Brotherhood Pack" which enabled me to get free "ASAP" shipping. They used UPS as the delivery service. It costed about $8.87 for each cheese in the pack. You can also purchase it buy itself for $6.95.

The Cheese

The Website Description

Bantam roosters come with a reputation––one that spurred the phrase "mad as a banty rooster." They're full of spitfire and attitude, like the Sriracha in our Bantam gouda. But cuddle and coddle these birds, and they can be sweet as honey. It's why we called our Honey Sriracha Gouda BANTAM. Best for keeping things spicy-sweet.

Net weight: 6 oz. Origin: Stanley, Wisconsin Age: 2 - 12 months Flavor: Tangy and moderately spicy with a tinge of sweetness Best for: Grilled cheese, mac and cheese, burgers

What I Think

This is one of my new favorite cheeses! It is a nice and mild, but with a small spicy kick to keep your taste buds wanting to come back for more! The sweet honey perfectly complements the slight spice, even for me, someone who doesn't enjoy honey very much. The base gouda cheese is also very rich and smooth. In general, this can go great with anything. It was also a surprisingly good melting cheese on things like pizza.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend Bantam and think it is another smash hit from Cheesebros.

My Rating Is…


(I gave it an 8.5 because this is still an early blog on this site and want there to still be room to grow if I find better cheeses)

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